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Individual Personal Tax Returns and problems reaching the IRS                                            Business Tax Returns and IRS Notiations                                                                                Quickbooks, Reconciliations, Payroll, and State Tax Reports                                                     Review of Financial Statements and Quickbooks to maximize Tax Deductions and Loan applications.          

REVIEWS     Angela Merrell (2016-2020 returns)  "To be honest we prefer Carol do all our tax stuff. We are happy to pay extra for all "old stuff". The 2019 Tax return was almost too good! I am so excited! We made estimated tax payments on a property sale and still got a refund."                     Carla West and Edward Moser (2020):  "With all the extra stresses this year, Carol Johnson was very easy to use. She processed all information and filed our tax return quickly with a significant reduction in tax owed"                                                                                                                                                       Robert Ching (2018, 2019, 2020) "Carol Johnson filed my tax returns early in the year with refunds. She even filed an amended return to get my 2020 tax refund sooner due to IRS delays."  

My 12-year CPA practice incorporates the tax strategies   In the current evolving tax landscape, I have used my CPA mentors and continuing review of online sources to stay on point with tax updates and political influences.

I strive to create a community of my clients and nearby banks, attorneys, and financial investment advisors to enhance the success of their businesses. I have warm, mutually beneficial relationships with all my clients and hope to continue that tradition with new ones

If you’re looking for an intelligent dynamic CPA who values team playing and providing services that lead to greater prosperity, than I am your professional.

My services include:

  1. Business and Individual Tax Returns
    1. Prior year returns
    2. Maximize tax refund potential
    3. Implement the latest tax reductions
    4. 1120S conversions for favorable tax advantages
    5. Partnership basis reporting required on tax returns
    6. Estimated tax payment requirements
  2. Financial Statements and Payroll
    1. General Ledger streamlining and tax reduction strategies
    2. Retirement Account options
    3. Quickbooks support and
  3. Quickbooks and Payroll
    1. Personalize Quickbook features
    2. Payroll utilitizing Washington State Law requirements and deductions.
    3. bookkeeping service
  4. IRS Notices
    1. Negotiate penalties and interest
    2. Payment Installment agreements
    3. Abatement decisions
    4. Tax Court petitions and Appeals representation